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  • Squires Christmas Circus

    REVIEW : Squire’s Garden Centre Circus

    Roll up, roll up! OK, I have two fairly big admissions to make to you. One, I’ve not taken my kids to the circus. Two, I’ve not seen The Greatest Showman (hiding behind my…

    27th November 2018
  • Tiddler and other terrific tales

    REVIEW : Tiddler and Other Terrific Tales

    What do you get when you combine four Julia Donaldson stories with props, songs, musical instruments and silly noises? A fantastic show, that’s what! Tiddler and Other Terrific Tales was the first theatre show…

    20th August 2018
  • Hello Dodo coasters
    Love Local

    Embracing colour with Hello Dodo!

    I’ve recently discovered colour. Not in a scary, had to have an eye operation way, but I’ve started appreciating bright bold colours recently. Perhaps it’s because my children like them or because I’ve spent…

    27th July 2018
  • Dinosaur World Live promo

    REVIEW : Dinosaur World Live

    Everyone loves dinosaurs, whether you’re 1 or 101. Whether it’s being scared by life-sized beasts in Jurassic World or enjoying a gentle sing-a-long with a puppet, dinosaurs have intrigued us for centuries. I took…

    24th July 2018