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‘Cold Toes at Christmas’ || Competition and Review

6th November 2018
Cold Toes at Christmas

Following on from the success of her first book, local Worthing author Jo Fitzgerald has released another children’s book.

Cold Toes at Christmas is a heart-warming tale that children and parents of all ages can enjoy together. It tells the story of a little girl and her family on Christmas Eve, and her wait for Father Christmas to arrive. However, the story is not as you would expect and is different from many sugar-sweet stereotypical Christmas stories. In fact, it’s all about the little girl feeling lonely because her dad is not at home, and wishing that he would return.

Jo Fitzgerald has drawn on her own experiences in writing her new book, having been without her father for weeks or months at a time as a child. Reading the dedication at the start of the book makes the story even more poignant, and the emotions that Jo must have felt are prominent as you read. I defy you as parents to not be reaching for the tissues at the end!

The beautiful words are coupled with lovely illustrations by Embla Granqvist. The muted colours and delicate figures really enhance the tone of the story and give it an elegant feel.

Cold Toes at Christmas has so many strong messages within it to share with your children – about loneliness, guilt, hope and excitement. The one that stood out for us as a family was that Christmas is not just about material presents; in fact, the best presents may not be toys or gifts, but being with loved ones.

Cover of How to Keep a Sometimes Scary WorldJo’s first book was not short on strong messages either. How to Keep Safe in a Sometimes Scary World is an innovative book that enables parents to talk to their children about tricky situations such as being in a fire or getting lost. I found it really helpful with my six-year-old son, who had a habit of running off and losing sight of us. Through the book, we were able to agree on a strategy for what he could do if he gets lost, and it’s a strategy we’ve used on many occasions since then.

Jo is a teacher, mum, parenting expert and blogger as well as being a children’s author. Jo is also the coordinator for the West Sussex branch of Mums in Business Association, a networking group for mums working a wide range of industries. You can find out more about Jo and buy her books through her website. 

You can win a copy of Cold Toes at Christmas by entering our competition!

The competition is open now and will close at MIDNIGHT on Sunday, 11th November 2018. The winner will receive a copy of the book itself.

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