First Unleash Your Niche Club – Meet Rob Andrew MBE

First Unleash Your Niche Club – Meet Rob Andrew MBE

26th January 2019 @ 09:00 – 12:00
Worthing Library
Richmond Road
Worthing BN111
First Unleash Your Niche Club - Meet Rob Andrew MBE @ Worthing Library | Worthing | United Kingdom

We are pleased to announce our very first Unleash Your Niche Club workshop for 14-16 year olds from the Worthing area. Unleash Your Niche is a safe and enjoyable place for up to 50 young people to leave their worries behind, share dreams, meet famous inspirational champions who will be sharing life hacks, stand out without being judged, make new friends and network with like-minded people who will boost your energy and confidence levels.

MEET Rob Andrew MBE, rugby champion and CEO Sussex County Cricket Club who will be sharing how discovering your passion can make you a winner every day!

We also have a very special guest from McLaren Automotive – the finer details are being confirmed and we will report this back to you shortly.

This first workshop focuses on discovering talent and passion and how to use it to develop your personal brand.

TO BOOK: Join Talent Within You which is FREE with loads of amazing benefits (listed on website). Simply complete the form on our website: We will email booking info for the workshops which cost £3.50 each (this covers our costs). Talent Within You is a non-profit community group.

If you book the course of 7, you will get one workshop free. Join Talent Within You today FREE as a member and we will send you the workshop signup details. Text BRAND TALENT to 60777 or visit for further details.

The workshops also give you the opportunity to work with coaches who will help you discover your passion and overcome difficult people and situations. Members will also receive their very own journals to personalise and complete which will help them on their journey to win in life.

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