OK so even talking about Summer now seems weird, but we did have a really nice long one and Autumn was far warmer than it should have been. That being said if you believe what the papers are saying things are about to get very cold; we think it’s pretty cold now! But there are some reasons to love winter especially as parents but also personally but if that isn’t enough then we have also just got some brilliant winter make up tips from the lovely ladies at Sassy Beauty Training Academy.

Top Tips

When it comes to make-up so many of us do the same thing every day regardless of the weather and this is, apparently, not a great idea! For most parents rushing around after kids doesn’t leave a great deal of time for make-up but if we are going to do, we should at least try and do it right.

Winter can be really harsh on your skin and the stuff you put on it. The drying effect of a cold wind chaps lips but also really dries out make-up which can leave it looking ….well a bit rubbish.

Tip 1

Find a good moisturiser and make sure you apply it before you apply your base. This helps hydrate and stops the make-up caking. A really rich cream moisturiser is best!

Tip 2

For those of us using a powder base…we are doing it wrong. Use a liquid base in the winter as it stays moist and keeps your skin looking “dewy”. Once again the cold wind can make powder make-up look flaky and cling to dry patches.

Tip 3

Use a setting spray! These are brilliant for keeping your make up fresh even after an icy school run first thing. The ladies at Sassy recommend Mac Fix Plus or the B range from Superdrug. The hyaluronic acid in these sprays have a strong hydrating effect and once again help the make-up you put on look good all day.

Hopefully, these simple tips will give you a little boost and keep you looking lovely all day in this cold weather. But what else is there to love about winter?

  1. Cosy in winter worthing mums
    Photo by Rosie Kerr on Unsplash

    For people who love clothes then Winter is so much fun! More hats, coats, gloves, scarfs, snoods, boots and lovely jumpers than you can shake a stick at!

  2. Cosy evenings! While laying on the beach is fun, so is a cosy evening in a pub or at home. Open fires aren’t that common around Worthing but that doesn’t mean you can’t grab a blanket and a glass of red wine and get snug.
  3. SNOW!! It’s rare, we know, but when the kids see it their faces are well worth all chilly walks and moaning. Fingers crossed we get a visit from the beast from the east so the kids can get some sledge time in or at least a quick snow angel!
  4. Bright and Cold Walks. Whether it’s on the beach or the downs walking on a really bright crisp day is always a pleasure. While you may not get much warmth from the sun the brightness can really give you a boost especially if you are suffering from SAD.

If you really don’t like any of this then hang in there, the Spring isn’t that far away and it really won’t be long before the school summer holidays!?

Main image: Photo by Gustavo Spindula on Unsplash


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