We’ve just been to the weekend under 7s session at Air Arena in Chichester, and what a revelation! My children are 6 and nearly 4 and whilst we have visited Air Arena before, it’s always been quite stressful. When we’ve been before it’s been on an open jump session, so there are children of all ages, plus plenty of adults. The majority of jumpers do take a lot of care around little ones, but it can be hard to stop a 3 year old getting in the way of trick shots!

That’s what is so brilliant about the under 7s sessions. Most of the children in there were under 5, so there’s a 1:1 ratio with adults. This means that everyone is closely supervised, plus there are plenty of extra hands. This was especially helpful when retrieving little ones out of the foam pit! There are lots of members of staff around too, who were very patient with my daughter.

For parents with younger babies there are a few bits of play equipment dotted around the sides, as well as lots of hula hoops, soft play shapes and foam balls to play with.

We all found it a lot more relaxed than our previous visits. For my six year old son it meant that he had plenty of space to try out tricks and flips, and my daughter could move around much more safely. I was much calmer knowing that there was less chance of them being jumped on or double bounced! It was lovely and quiet too.

There’s a similar set-up during the week with Air Arena’s under 5 toddler sessions. These run on weekdays from 9am-11am in the holidays, and 10am-12pm during term time.

The Under 7s sessions run on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year. It costs £7.99 for an under 5 + adult or one 6 or 7 year old if you book online, or £8.99 for walk ins. Socks cost £2 per pair and can be reused on future visits. There’s free parking and the Cineworld cinema and various restaurants are on the same site. You could also take a walk down into Chichester (5-10 mins) or Priory Park (15-20 mins) to make a day of it.

Take a look at the Air Arena website for the latest information on all sessions available.



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