Sing and Sign mums in business claire jones

Today we are meeting Claire, a football-loving mum of two who runs local Sing & Sign Classes in and around Worthing which gives her the flexibility to fit her work around her children since her eldest has started school.

Tell us about you and your family

My husband Alex and I have two lovely, lively boys Samuel aged 6 and William aged 3. Both boys love swimming and being outdoors. We love going to the football. Both Alex and I are season ticket holders at Brighton & Hove Albion and Samuel has been to a few games with us. Outside of this we love exploring Worthing locally, checking out parks or going to the beach.

Are you originally from Worthing?

I was born in Worthing and lived here until I was in my early 20’s when I moved to London to work. I moved back over 10 years ago and met my now-husband Alex. We lived in Hove for a while but moved back down to Worthing after we got married to be close to both our families.   

Beach or South Downs?

It has to be the beach. Living by the sea is something I always took for granted when I was younger but after living in London for a decade really made me appreciate how lucky I am to have the sea on our doorstep. I love taking my boys there at every opportunity, especially in the summer!

Tell us an unusual fact about yourself

I have always had a love of all things football! I have had a season ticket since I was 10 and used to go and watch my Dad referee lower league football games when I was young! 

If you could spend the day with any celebrity or historical figure who would it be?

Emmeline Pankhurst. I love reading about the suffragettes and everything those brave women did for the suffragette movement. It makes me really proud and I wonder if I would have been brave enough to do the same. I would love to hear about her stories and talk to her about how life was for women back then.

Finally, tell us about your business, why you started and what drives you on?

I took over the franchise for Sing and Sign nearly two years ago. I was working for the NHS in procurement at the time and looking for a change. My eldest son had started school and I wanted to be more flexible around school hours and spend more time with my boys.

I attended Sing and Sign classes as a parent with both of my children. We loved the songs and the interactive classes and it was lovely watching them grow in confidence and be able to communicate with us. Samuel started speaking very early and was saying whole sentences before he was 2. I firmly believe this was due to his sing and sign classes. Both boys are great communicators and so chatty.

When William finished his last term, I was sad to end my sing and sign experience. I, therefore, jumped at the chance to take over the franchise when it came up and to continue with Sing and Sign as a teacher! 

I am excited to be able to pass on the skills and knowledge to other families and help them communicate with their babies. We have huge amounts of fun in our classes and our ten-week terms enable me to develop genuine, lasting relationships with parents and their babies, focusing on helping them to build the early framework for effective communication at home.

Claire runs 3 different stages of Sing and Sign classes in Worthing and surrounding areas for babies from 2 to 30 months. Come along and find out what your baby wants to say!

Are you a mum in business? Fancy taking part and promoting your venture for free? We’d love to support you! Please contact us to find out more!


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