Restfest 2018 – A Worthing Mum’s Review

20th October 2018

You have probably heard about it; a new event dedicated to Women’s wellness has launched in Worthing: Ladies, welcome to RESTFEST.

Restfest is the idea of Naomi Newland, Hypnotherapist, Confidence Coach and founder of You may remember her when she was featured as one of our Mums in Business earlier this year. Her passion to help women achieve anything they dream of, drop the guilt and become happy and confident versions of themselves was the fuel for setting up this new, unique event in our hometown.

And her enthusiasm certainly shone through on the day! She held two of the workshops herself. She is vibrant, bubbly, one of the girls with an intense and infectious energy.

From 10 am till 5 in the afternoon, Restfest is jam-packed with workshops, it’s hard to decide which ones to attend. I came to Restfest very much with my “reporter” hat on but I was instantly immersed and thoroughly enjoyed my day, just for me with my phone on silent.

There were 18 workshops in total throughout the day. For Silver and Gold tickets there is also a brunch/lunch buffet, VIP Chill-out zones and pre-bookable therapies and treatments.

The Workshops I attended

To start with, I took part in a small class learning about incredible essential oils with Zoe Swan, getting to try them and making my own facemask. It was the perfect start to the day as the oils immediately melted away any stress and instantly I was immersed in the whole experience, almost forgetting that I was there to review the event for our readers!

Next on the agenda, I followed the first of Naomi’s workshops: Live a life you truly love. Well, who doesn’t want to do that? I found it so informative full of really practical advice on how to achieve your goals, down to even working out what they actually are in the first place! I made a ton of notes and I have applied some of the tools to my everyday life. Thanks, Naomi!

After all that learning, I headed to “Bliss out with Aroma Chillax” with Zoe Swan. And it was exactly what it promised to be. A sensual meditation session using essential oils was the ultimate treat for a busy mind like mine. What a treat!

Jill Wootton’s “Clear your money blocks and power up your financial abundance” was different from anything I’ve ever attended. She challenged her audience to dig deep and think back about their individual relationships with money and how that could be holding them back from ever reaching their full potential. Both this and Naomi’s next workshop “Getting ‘Good enough’” included the technique of tapping. This technique is easy to learn and aims to achieve a kind of inner belief and positivity which in turn attracts what we dream about achieving. I know what you’re thinking, it does sound a bit “hocus pocus” but I have really felt a shift in believing in myself since actively taking part that day. I don’t care if it’s some kind of placebo effect, as long as it works!

My last workshop for the day took me a little by surprise. It was a creative writing experience with Ann O’Keife. With the theme titled “Self-Love for the Soul”, she asked us to write a letter to ourselves in the future or in the past. We all wrote such very emotional letters to ourselves, reading some of them out to each other after. It felt incredible to write in this way and I walked out of that class like a huge burden had lifted, my letter addressing some deeply personal stuff I hadn’t dealt with in this way before. Very powerful.

restfest worthing

My fabulous goodie bag!

The verdict

If I’m honest, I walked into that Saturday with a little doubt. Was it going to be “me”? Is it not all a bit “wooooo”? Well, it couldn’t be further from the truth. I came out refreshed, relaxed, spoilt rotten and most importantly with a whole new set of tools to help me become my best self. I got so inspired by all of it and have started a gratitude diary, actively made more time for myself and I’m working on my goals with new confidence and vigour.

If I was to change one thing, it would be to have an official lunch break, just an hour with no classes running, time to refuel and perhaps socialise a little with fellow guests.

I can genuinely recommend the event not just as a treat but more so as a necessary step to living your life to the fullest again.

Find out more, get your tickets for the next Restfest in March 2019:

Early-bird tickets are already for sale now!

Sunday, 17th March 2019

10am – 5pm


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*Naomi invited me to attend the event for free in return for a review. My findings and recommendations are, as always, completely impartial and honest.

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