Advent Day 19 – Sassy Style Tips You Can Try Now

Do You Have Sassy Style In Your Life?

After having a baby, it’s quite common for your body to change shape meaning you may feel a bit lost as to what style clothes to wear. Local style coach Janine Quinn works with women, including new mums, to help adapt to their post-baby body and feel in control of their look once more.

Whether parts of your body are bigger, smaller, rounder or straighter compared to your pre-natal figure Janine reassures us, there is a way to gain back your identity through clothes (if that’s your bag). Wearing clothes, which fit and are comfortable go a long way to making us feel confident or at the very least, it’s one less thing to fuss about during our busy day.

Plus you don’t have to part with a small fortune to have a wardrobe, which makes you feel good. Janine recommends scouring the fashion sections of Sainsbury’s for example, for some stylish and practical staples for your wardrobe. Often we find ourselves lusting after something because we adore it but Janine stresses the trick to looking good in your clothes, is buying items you know will fit well and suit your shape.

Check out these very simple adjustments you could make today which could help you feel 100% in your clothes:

  • Larger chest? Avoid puffy sleeves as this adds volume to the upper body.
  • Avoid overly clingy tops in flimsy material, they tend not to be kind.
  • Try a V-neck shaped décolleté, this can be more flattering, especially on a plain style top but maybe hold back a little on the cleavage.
  • Keep the detail over your mid-section plain, this often appears more slimming.
  • Clothes should never be too tight, you shouldn’t be straining to fit into the jeans.

When you look good you feel good.

A style consultation would make a perfect Christmas gift for that special someone in your life. Check or contact Janine via e-mail

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