I’ve recently discovered colour. Not in a scary, had to have an eye operation way, but I’ve started appreciating bright bold colours recently. Perhaps it’s because my children like them or because I’ve spent much of my life wearing black, dark colours and neutrals. Now my colourful side has broken through! Whilst I’m not brave enough to wear brights myself every day, I’m certainly much more drawn to them, and it certainly doesn’t stop me buying lots of them for other people!

The Hello Dodo pop-up shop is a veritable feast for my eyes. It’s at Colonnade House in Worthing until the 12th August, following on from two successful week long runs in 2017. Hello Dodo is a Worthing brand run by Ali and Jam, specialising in hand printed clothing for children and adults, plus plenty of accessories like badges, coasters and posters. The designs feature cool slogans and motifs, many with a Worthing theme. The pop-up shop features some new and exclusive designs and limited edition products as well as their classic items, with such slogans as Get Lost and It’s a Worthing Thing.

Hello Dodo has been in existence since 2011, and Ali and Jam still operate it from their garden in Worthing using their homemade printing press (called Preston). Their fab range has made it into the likes of VOGUE, Mollie Makes, Anorak, Inside Magazine, Vogue Bambini, Craft Seller, Caboodle, Pressing Matters and many more.

Many people think of Brighton as the creative centre of the South East, full of artists and innovative brands. It’s brilliant to know that brands like Hello Dodo hail from sunny Worthing and are spreading their colourful joy across the country!

You can find Hello Dodo on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as well as their Etsy shop.


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