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Love Local: Our beloved Dome Cinema

29th October 2018
Dome Cinema Worthing

Pre-children, my husband and I visited the cinema a lot. We always went to Cineworld in Chichester or Crawley as for us, it was all about the giant screens and big seats. But that always meant a big cost, particularly when you factored in travel time.

These days (two little ones later), we still like going to the cinema as a family. However, a trip to a big chain screen can work out very expensive plus there’s only so much in-car I-Spy we can cope with!

The Dome cinema holds a special part in most Worthing residents’ hearts, but it’s often overlooked. It has a great deal to offer though, especially for families. There are Parent and Baby screenings of new releases every Monday at 12.00pm, where you can take your under-1 year old with you and make as much noise as you like. The lights are turned up a bit, and the sound is not so loud. Tickets are only £5.20 for one adult + baby.

There’s also the Weekend Movies deal too, where films on a Saturday or Sunday at 10 am are charged at only £4.00 per ticket (adults and children). Even if you go at another time, you can take advantage of the Family ticket price, where you can buy 4 tickets for £20. The Dome gets all the new films as they come out, including some advance screenings.

The new screen

Our favourite thing though is the new Screen 3, which only opened a few months ago. It only has 40 seats, but they’re all super comfy wide armchair style, covered in retro deep red velvet. Each row features also one double seat. I’m sure that they’re designed for couples, but they’re also brilliant for families. It’s much comfier than having a wriggly toddler on your lap! The seats have loads of leg room and booster seats are available.

We went to a screening of Smallfoot, the new Warner Bros film which is a great autumnal film that all the family will enjoy. The animation style is very similar to Hotel Transylvania and The Secret Life of Pets, and both my 5-year-old and 3-year-old loved it. It was really cosy in Screen 3, and I would definitely choose that screen for forthcoming films.

We’re really looking forward to seeing The Grinch, which is released on the 9th November and Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet which is out on the 30th of November. Unfortunately, my son is not as keen on coming with me to see Mary Poppins Returns….


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