Mums in Business – Jenny Masingiri-Todd

In this edition of our Mums in Business series we here from Jenny from art-K Worthing, a former art teacher, who turned her passion for art into a business that works around her young family.

Tell us about you and your family

Worthing mums in business: Jenny from art-K WorthingI have a fabulous little family, my husband Martin is a primary school teacher and we have a young son, Jackson, who turns two this month. I have close family living nearby, who have all been incredibly supportive whilst I’ve been setting up art-K Worthing. Previous to this career-move I was working as an Art and Photography teacher at a local secondary school. I found returning to teaching after being on maternity leave very hard, I was constantly tired and feeling overwhelmingly frustrated with how art in education is becoming marginalised year upon year. I discovered art-K by chance on a google search when researching other ways to use my artistic teaching skills, and the rest is history!

Are you originally from Worthing?

I was born in Sheffield but moved down to Worthing when I was very young. I have lived all over though, New York, London, even Fiji! I’m settled in Angmering now with my husband and son. I love being so close to the sea and I have family close by which is really important to me.

What’s your favourite thing about living on the South Coast?

There’s something amazing about being so close to the sea, I love taking my son down there and walking along the shoreline. There’s something very calming about the sound of the waves and looking out across the water. He loves throwing the pebbles into the water and seeing them splash, we would be there for hours if he had his way!

Hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

When I’m not teaching art, I’m with my gorgeous son, Jackson. He’s the main reason I made this change as I wanted a better work-life balance. I now have more time with him throughout the week which is fantastic and we get out and about all over the place. My husband and I are both film lovers so when we can persuade my sister to babysit, we’re at the cinema on a date night! I’m not afraid to say we’re both eagerly anticipating the next Star Wars film!

Tell us about your business, why you started and what drives you on?

art-K Worthing is part of a rapidly growing national franchise. Its first club started in 2000, inspiring both children and adults in art; developing their artistic skills and giving them a fun and creative environment where they can flourish. I visited the flagship club earlier in the year and was so impressed by the range of projects that the children were undertaking, as well as the clear passion behind it from the founders Kathryn and Emily Harper. Making the decision to leave mainstream education was huge, but I’ve been supported every step of the way and I’m hoping that I can now bring that same inspiring, creative environment to my own club. I’m driven by the enthusiasm of my new members’ faces, seeing the children turn up every week with so much excitement and joy of doing what they love, it’s infectious!

Mums in Business Jenny from art-K worthing

Mums in Business Jenny from art-K worthingJenny is an art-loving, mum of one, who’s just launched Worthing’s first major art club for both Children and Adults.  art-K Worthing is part of a rapidly growing national Franchise which believes in developing artistic skills in a safe, nurturing and creative environment.

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