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Mums in Business – Lauren Rycroft

3rd July 2019
Mums in Business Lauren Rycroft Moo Music Worthing group of children and parents watching someone play guitar

We are back with another one of our amazing local mums who runs her own business. This time we spoke to former florist and nursery nurse Lauren Rycroft who has run Moo Music sessions in and around Worthing since late 2017.

Tell us about you and your family

I’m married to my lovely husband Paul and we have one daughter Jessica who is 6 years old. She is a little star who has an amazing imagination! We spend a lot of time reading and playing How to Train your Dragon! She’s a BIG fan!  

Are you originally from Worthing?

Yes, I’m Worthing born and bred!

Beach or South Downs?

I think probably the downs for me and I particularly love visiting our local National Trust houses that nestle in the South Downs.

Tell us an unusual fact about yourself

I once sung a solo at a concert whilst wearing roller skates!

If you could spend the day with any celebrity or historical figure who would it be?

Join Bon Jovi! I’d love to have the opportunity to rock out 80’s style with him and the band!

Finally, tell us about your business, why you started and what drives you on?

I bought the franchise for Moo Music for this area in September 2017. I’d previously been a freelance florist for 11 and a half years and did some admin work for a local pre-school. Before that, I worked as a Nursery Nurse in the reception class at Broadwater C of E school so my background is in childcare.

When Jessica was about to start school I felt it was time for a change so started to search for term-time jobs and work I could potentially do from home. This is when I stumbled across Moo Music as a business. Having researched it and visited someone who used to do sessions in Littlehampton, I decided to go for it!

Moo music combines all the things I love…music, creativity and working with children. It’s actually my dream job and I never knew!

Moo Music is completely different from other baby, toddler and pre-school music groups as every song has been written especially for Moo by the multi-talented musician, singer and songwriter Craig McLeish. There are 125+ songs and I’d say this is definitely Moo’s USP.

The songs absolutely will get stuck in your head, in a good way! I’ve not got bored yet! Every session is different and full of interactive, multi-sensory fun and singing.

I absolutely love delivering Moo Music session and spend many hours planning different themes for everyone to enjoy. These can be anything from ‘A day at home’ to ‘The Gruffalo’. Seeing the smiles on the little ones’ faces is just amazing and watching them grow, develop and gain confidence is such a privilege.

It’s not just for the little ones!

I feel that my sessions are more than just a music session and have watched friendships between grown-ups develop too.

It’s so important to get out and meet people when you have a baby and I hope that mums feel comfortable when they come along for the first time. I always found that routine helped me as a new mum and I genuinely feel honoured to be able to offer Moo Music sessions to the mums, dads and grandparents of Worthing and surrounding areas.

Mums in Business Lauren Rycroft Moo Music Worthing

Lauren has lived in Worthing all her life. She’s a wife and a Mummy to a gorgeous 6- year-old. She owns Moo Music Worthing and loves to sing and dance about! You can find her here:

Website: Facebook:

Are you a mum in business? Fancy taking part and promoting your venture for free? We’d love to support you! Please contact us to find out more!

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