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Mums in Business – Tracey Edwards

15th August 2017
Mums in Business - Tracey Edwards Mollycoddle Childrenswear

Our Mum In Business this month is Tracey Edwards, who wrote our very first fashion column recently. We look forward to more fabulous fashion related posts in the future. Here’s a little to get to know her…

Tell us about you and your family

Life is dominated by a gorgeous seven year old and husband … and that’s just how I love it. She has a huge variety of interests, which keeps us busy, but her huge passion is dinosaurs, fossils and natural history. We are loving visiting museums and watching the Walking With Dinosaurs series, and seeing a bright and sparky girl develop a healthy interest in science and technology … smashing the stereotypical ‘all things princess’!

I am a school Resource Centre Librarian during term-time, children’s literature has never been so exciting, who wouldn’t enjoy spending their days with Harry Potter, David Walliams, World of Norm and Hunger Games?

Are you originally from Worthing?

No, growing up in Sheffield, Yorkshire, I love to visit often and enjoy seeing family. I have lived on the Sussex coast since 2001 and love the clean sea air and enjoy the close proximity to London, Brighton and surrounding areas. Theatres, restaurants and events are all so accessible, the transport network makes it so easy.

Worthing is a fantastic location to raise children, it is very safe and has lots of great facilities.

What’s your favourite thing about living on the South Coast?

We are based on the sunny Sussex coast … literally facing the sea … a perfect location to inspire and develop ideas and creations … there are never enough hours in the day. Seeing the daily sunrise and sunset over the seascape is quite magical.

Hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

Spare time … LOL!!

Thankfully personal and professional life are both extremely fulfilling. In my wildest fantasies, my ‘spare’ time would be filled between attending the gym and enjoying lots of restaurants and tea-rooms – it’s probably a good thing that spare time is quite scarce!


Tell us about your business, why you started and what drives you on?Mums in Business - Tracey Edwards Mollycoddle Childrenswear

Molly Coddle Childrenswear launched in 2010 creating handmade and embellished children’s clothing, using gorgeous quirky fabrics, designed for comfort and longevity. My aim is to try to create outfits that are inspired by traditional silhouettes but using interesting prints and features.

The dinosaur dress and sweatshirts are real customer favourites, Tweed and peacock feathers also stay on the best seller list.

The business enables me to design and create to my hearts content, manage online web and social media, organise photo shoots, meet the most amazing customers. Photo shoots are a great way to effectively display the range of clothing and have taken us to the most amazing locations; woodlands, vintage railways, farm yards, the sea shore and our models always look so amazing.


Mums in Business - Tracey Edwards Mollycoddle Childrenswear

Tracey Edwards, launched her online fashion business Molly Coddle Childrenswear in 2010. Working with a local seamstress, they create handmade and embellished children’s clothing.



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