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Healthy snack contents of Treat Trunk subscription

REVIEW: Treat Trunk Healthy Snacks

*This is a collaborative post. We were gifted a Treat Trunk in exchange for an unbiased review. As a parent, healthy eating as a family is one of my biggest bugbears, especially when it comes to the kids. It’s super easy to pick up…

24th June 2019
woman's feet in foot spa with tropical flowers as self-care

The Importance of Self-Care

How often do you take care of yourself? And how do often do you take care of yourself before others? For many parents, the concept of self-care is low down on their priority list, something to be fitted in once everyone else has been…

11th April 2019
Social Media Workshop for small businesses in Worthing
Past Events

Social Media Workshop for small businesses in Worthing

Taking the Guesswork out of Social Media 27th March 10am-12.30 in The Atrium Bar @ Worthing Dome Cinema Do you sometimes feel like you’re spending too much time and effort on social media with very little to show for it? Then this workshop is…

14th March 2019
Vegan junk food

Recipes: Our take on Vegan Junk Food

Following on from Veganuary, I plan to keep offering Vegan meals to my lot on a weekly basis. With three kids, how better to stay motivated than a Vegan Junk Food evening? All of the following recipes could be made as individual meals or…

24th February 2019
Mural of penguins
Love Local

Happy Haircuts at The Tidy Penguin

When you’re an adult, visiting a hairdresser is an enjoyable experience. It’s a lovely bit of me-time, with pampering, calmness and relaxation. However, taking your child to get their hair cut is an entirely different story. There’s usually tears, tantrums and a lot of…

19th February 2019
Child playing with wooden block toy
Parenting Top Featured

Playgroups – Love them or Loathe them?

Playgroups. You either love them or loathe them. There are those that go along religiously every week and those that actually wrinkle their nose at the thought. There are many urban myths about playgroups and they’re often the subject of humourous social media posts…

29th January 2019