Daddy not so cool – Driving with Dad send Kids round the bend

18th December 2017
embarrassing parents

A fun research project by car insurance company 1st CENTRAL has found that a lot of kids are cringing from embarrassing stuff their parents get up to in the car. From mum or dad singing along to the radio, being dropped right at the school gate and even parents talking to their kids’ friends, almost two-thirds of children (64%) admit that their parents’ in-car antics leave them shrinking in their seats.

Apparently, it starts around age nine and only abates at around age 15. I don’t know about you, but I have to say, I cannot actually wait to embarrass my (currently) six-year-old. Time for payback for all the sleepless nights teehee.

The research revealed that dads are the worst offenders at 37% compared to mums at 33%. Not much in it, there is work to do, ladies! 😊

So, here are the top ten embarrassing things parents do:

  1. Sing
  2. Drop kids at school gates
  3. Wave or shout out the window
  4. Chat to kids’ friends
  5. Get road rage
  6. Play music loudly
  7. Drop kids off directly at a party
  8. Get lost
  9. Struggle to park
  10. Be affectionate with their partner

Nearly a fifth of kids are plugging in their headphones (cue eye-rolling too!) and 13% request to be dropped off around the corner from their destination, while a whole 11% choose to walk instead!

It is, however, not just the parents that do cringe-worthy stuff. Over half the parents asked for this research, said they also get embarrassed by their children. Unintentionally revealing a secret to their friends, throwing tantrums or fighting with siblings are all top of the list. This is not only embarrassing but potentially dangerous with parents being distracted from the road.

Andy James, UK CEO at 1ST CENTRAL said: “Driving your children around in the car can be a great way to talk to them and find out about their lives, provided of course that they aren’t ignoring you for fear of embarrassment. Whilst kids can make parents shift in their seats too, it’s important that they remain calm whilst driving, ensuring a safe, if sometimes cringeworthy, journey for all.”

1ST CENTRAL is a proud sponsor of Sussex County Cricket Club, and of the road safety awareness charity, Brake.

Survey of 1,000 UK parents who drive and 1,000 children aged 5-16 conducted on behalf of 1ST CENTRAL between 9th and 13th September 2017.

So, what do your kids get embarrassed by? What do your kids do in the car that drives you mad? What are your tips for keeping siblings from arguing?

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