Online dating – Do’s & Don’ts of a First Date

19th June 2017
Online Dating: Dos & Don'ts of a First Date

Having written posts about deal breakers and things we would all ideally like to find in another person; I thought it would be interesting to conduct a little research of my own and compile a list of do’s and don’ts for a first date.

I think it’s safe to say that first dates are pretty nerve wracking: you’re meeting a complete stranger for the first time and want to make a good impression. I did a poll on my own Facebook page, and asked men and women, fellow daters, for their tips. Here are the responses:

First Date Do’s & Don’ts
  • Be on time (I must take note of that).
  • Dress nicely but comfortable and wear something that makes you feel confident.
  • Make an effort but don’t look like you’ve tried too hard.
  • Don’t drink too much, it’s not attractive and you do not need your very own beer goggles!
  • Make eye contact.
  • Initiate conversation, be interested in what the other has to say and don’t talk too much about yourself.
  • Paying: there was a mixed response on this. The guys’ opinion was that they would pay but they wouldn’t want to offend, so would always offer to pay. Ladies were split between him paying and them offering to pay also.
  • Be yourself and have a good sense of humour, try to relax.
  • Do something different; maybe try go-karting to break the ice.
  • Go for drinks rather than dinner; it’s less formal and if you’re not enjoying it, you can leave quicker.
  • Don’t go to the cinema; it’s dark and you can’t have a conversation.
  • Do not expect to sleep together on a first date but make your bed before you go out just in case!! 😉
It’s not you, it’s me: What fellow daters do if the date doesn’t work out

So you’ve had your first date and now it’s crunch time, will their be a second date? Have you completely hit it off or maybe not so much? Personally I often find this a difficult one for various reasons. Obviously it’s great if you’re both on the same page but, if not, here’s some advice from my pole:

  1. Be honest at the time and just say no nicely.
  2. Wait until later and let them down gently.
  3. Change the topic of conversation so you don’t have to give a direct answer right away.
  4. Make an excuse/get someone to phone you so you have to leave.
  5. If you feel during the date that you don’t want to meet again, then make what you feel is boring conversation to put them off!
  6. Don’t have any communication afterwards (and hope they take the hint, ouch!)

The last two answers there are a bit mean and I’m pleased to say that the general consensus was to be honest. Although this isn’t always easy, I think we all appreciate honesty in the long run!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. Happy Dating one and all.❤️x

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