Online Dating as a Single Parent? A guide to get you started

Online dating is everywhere, you literally can’t miss it online or on the television. If like me you’ve found yourself single in this very ‘digital age’, you too may be thinking about giving it a try and why not?!

When I first became single, I had been with my now ex-husband for 17 years. We met when I was 17 and the rest as they say is history. I am therefore now a single Mum of two, approaching 40 far quicker than I would like!

I soon realised that dating this time round is totally different to when I was a teenager. For a start, where do you go to meet people? Life is so busy, juggling children and work etc. Lots of people seem to be married or in relationships and you can feel like you are the only single person out there, with limited time and a very different set of priorities these days.

Obviously that’s where online dating can be a great thing as it provides the opportunity to be connected with a variety of people in the same position.

So where to begin……

1. There are loads of sites out there all offering different features
Some are free, some offer optional charges and some are payment-only. The important thing is to chose one that you feel comfortable with and suits you best. Personally I have only ever used ones that have been recommended through word of mouth or familiar ones that I’ve seen advertised.

2. Safety first, never post any personal details about yourself (e.g. address or phone number)
Make yourself familiar with how to report anything unwanted: messages/comments/pictures. All sites will have a clear guide detailing how to report such things and how to block people should you need to.
When you arrange to meet someone, make sure it’s in a public place and you’ve told people/friends who you are meeting and where. I always send a quick text to my friends upon arrival so they know all is well (they love an update too!).

3. Try and relax and enjoy getting to know new people
I know how overwhelming and nerve wracking it can be to take the plunge, but take it slowly and once you’ve began messaging etc it will make you realise that it can be fun and interesting getting to know people, finding out their hobbies and interests and hopefully finding things you have in common.

4. Believe in yourself and be confident you can do it!!
Easy for me to sit here and say I know, but I can say from my own personal and from my friends’ experiences also. It’s natural to be nervous (I always am), try to remember that not everyone likes one another and we can’t all be everyone’s cup of tea, if this happens don’t take it personally, hold your head high and carry on. Likewise you may not find the attraction you were hoping for once you meet in person. I’m sure you’ll walk away with some funny stories to tell (I often do) and if nothing else make some new friends along the way.

Dating should be fun, there is no rush and as the saying goes ‘the path to true love never did run smooth’. xx

online dating single parentA little about me…..
I’m 39 and a busy single Mum to my two children. They are my world and we have some amazing adventures together.
I realised that being single isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and decided to give online dating a whirl.
This has brought about some hilarious moments which then led to me starting my very own blog, a light hearted look at the ups,downs and quite frankly hilarious moments from my journey to find the crazy little thing we call love.❤️x

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