Playgroups – why you should go

7th April 2016

I made the mistake of not going to any playgroups with my first born until I was expecting my second baby. I started going at 36 weeks pregnant with a one year old that needed a lot of entertaining in a large but secure space and somewhere with biscuits and tea for me! I regret not going when my first was smaller as I think I would have made more friends with kids her age but I’ve now been going to at least two, sometimes three playgroups a week regularly for over a year and we’ve made a lot of new friends for both kids and for me! I think having friends who are going through similar things as you around the same time is such a help!

Worthing has an abundance of different playgroups to choose from. The majority are run by (mostly) elderly ladies and attached to churches. Some have a lovely outside area too (St Matthews on Tarring Road for example) and others have indoor climbing frames (the Salvation Army playgroup on Crescent Road) but all that I’ve visited have toys in abundance, a craft area, and space for the children to run jump and play in. There will be a snacks for the kids and tea, coffee and biscuits for the mums/dads/grand parents!

I also find that if we have something to do in the mornings it makes the whole day run more smoothly. We’re up and dressed and out of the door as we know we’ve got somewhere to be. We walk to whichever group we want to visit and then normally both kids nap afterwards meaning I can make a start on dinner or even nap myself. I actually struggle a bit in the school holidays as playgroups don’t run and I have to brave soft play to wear them out!

To find a playgroup at a day, location and time to suit you take a look here ( at the very helpful calendar set up by the Womad Facebook group!

Lauren is a mama of two, who grew up near Worthing, moved to Brighton and then came back when her first baby arrived! She blogs at Belle du Brighton – UK Lifestyle & Parenting Blog and can be found on twitter and Instagram too.

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