Does your toddler know what they want to be when they grow up? Adventure Avenue could give you some great inspiration. It’s a role play centre in the middle of Burgess Hill, where your little one can try out one of eleven different role play areas and you don’t have to tidy up afterwards!

Here’s what we thought when I took my daughter:

What’s there?

Adventure Avenue burgess hill Cafe
The Cafe area

The centre is housed in two shops right in the middle of the Martlets shopping area in Burgess Hill. It’s not as big as other role play places you can visit, but there was more than enough to keep the children occupied. The themed play sections are laundromat, fire station, Post Office, doctors surgery, vet, supermarket, bakery, construction site, music and dress up, hair & beauty salon and a camping area. There’s also a small sensory room and two toilets.

There’s also a large cafe area with tables and chairs, with a great selection of hot drinks and snacks for kids and adults. The cafe prices are very reasonable (it was £1.60 for a danish pastry and a packet of Pom-Bears). Although you can’t see the whole of the play area from the cafe, there’s a gate and a member of staff before the exit door!

What did we play with?

My daughter loves her play kitchen and plastic food at home so she headed straight for the shop area. It was really well stocked, with plenty of items the children will recognise from home plus miniature trolleys. All of the play areas had a lot of items in them, with loads of small details to make the experience complete.

She also really liked the musical instruments section and the drum set in particular. It was great that there’s a big range of toys and props that the children probably wouldn’t have at home or nursery. It was a good exercise in self-restraint for me too, I had to stop myself tidying up the toys as we moved around the areas. Also, it was really interesting to give my daughter the freedom to play with what she wanted to, rather than me trying to direct her to certain things.

We would absolutely visit Adventure Avenue again, especially in the summer holidays with my five year old son too. It’s not too far away and much more calm and relaxed than soft play! The session times are long enough to have a play with everything but it’s also good to have a legitimate reason to leave.

The Logistics

The centre is open seven days a week and sessions are 90 minutes long. There’s space for up to 66 adults and children and you can either book online or just turn up on the day. The online booking system does show you how many spaces there are left for a particular session, and also if the centre is closed for a party.

It costs £3.00 per adult and per child for weekday sessions, and £3.50 at the weekends. Non-walkers are free at all times. You can also hold parties at the centre with either exclusive or non-exclusive usage, plus catering can be provided.

It took 30 minutes to drive to Burgess Hill from Worthing, and the shopping area is just off the A273. There’s a multi-storey car park which is £1.20 for two hours or there’s some free residential parking nearby (about five minutes walk).

You find more information about Adventure Avenue on their website.


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