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REVIEW : Dinosaur World Live

Everyone loves dinosaurs, whether you’re 1 or 101. Whether it’s being scared by life-sized beasts in Jurassic World or enjoying a gentle sing-a-long with a puppet, dinosaurs have intrigued us for centuries.

I took my family along to the Dinosaur World Live show at the Pavilion Theatre, and it was certainly a memorable experience!

The main character in the show is Miranda, a young explorer who has just returned from an unchartered island – her Dinosaur World. And she’s bought some of her companions back with her. Having watched a short trailer for the show on YouTube I knew what to expect, with dinosaur puppets bought to life by the cast. However, the reality was much more impressive.

The show started with the Segnosaurus coming out on stage, who was a very large dinosaur! I’m not sure whether it was to scale or not, but it certainly had an imposing presence. The structures have been very cleverly designed, you do see the cast members operating them but you quickly forget about that aspect.

Each dinosaur that came out had an element of audience participation, with a child being chosen from the audience each time to go on stage and interact with Miranda and the dinosaur.

Without giving too much away, the show builds up to the enormous T-Rex coming out on stage, complete with green lighting and smoke effects! It was very life-like (if you can say that about a dinosaur) and scared many of the children in the audience. My daughter (3) found it all very exciting, and was waving her arms around madly!

I would definitely recommend Dinosaur World Live to families looking for a different and engaging theatre experience. The show lasts just under an hour and there is a chance to meet some of the dinosaurs after the show has finished. It’s suitable from three years, although some parts may be too scary for more sensitive little ones.

There are tickets available for the remaining shows in the tour, including Dorking, Guildford and at Camp Bestival, on the show’s website.


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