We hope you had a good half-term last week?! Our week was really rather busy: swimming, London which was only partly for fun, a day in Brighton and we tried Go Ape! Tree Top Junior for the first time. We picked a good day for it with the weather just perking up in time after the recent, seemingly endless downpours.

Go Ape Tree Top Junior

We were greeted by a friendly and child-focused team who got us strapped in and gave us a small safety briefing. Staff quickly learnt all the groups’ names and involved the kids straight away. After a quick test on the ground of how to use the harness and guide, we were off. The guides along the ropes are secure and, unlike the adult Go Ape, are not removable all the time the kids are up high.

There are three different high rope courses which all have their own starting point at the bottom of the steps and the kids simply follow them around from platform to platform until they reach the final zip wire back down to the ground. In total, everyone is given a time on a wristband of around 1 to 1.5 hours, probably depending on how busy they are, in which they can repeat the different courses as often as they like. You will negotiate various crossings, wobbly bridges, giant nets, ropes and many more.

For the Tree Top Junior adventure, there is no minimum age but a minimum height of 1m (3ft 3in). If you fancy the adult version, your kids have to be over 10 years old. There is also a maximum weight of 125kg (19.5 stone) for that one.

How did we fare?

go ape tree top junior adventure crawley reviewAt this point, it would probably be wrong to admit that I did take part in the adult Tree Top adventure a few years ago because actually, I didn’t find this really much less scary! It is easier though, and once you notice all the kids whizzing around like monkeys and give yourself a good talking to about the fact that you really are very securely hooked in, you can just get on with having some serious fun! My son is much like me so we took it easy and slow. We did get stuck at one point, but not for long, as a staff member heroically came to our rescue and helped my son by guiding him past a tricky bit of the course.

If I was to come again, I would probably bring a couple of my son’s pals and stay on the ground myself. Kids are really so much better at this stuff and I think they can really encourage each other. I watched other kids in small groups or pairs who frankly had a blast, laughing, running, climbing and sometimes dangling without a care in the world.


You must try – but bring more than one kid, unless you are a monkey yourself of course! 🙂 The kids really loved it and had the best time.

We were glad to be back on safe ground but also absolutely thrilled. It is a great experience and felt completely safe. It can be a really good way for the kids to burn some serious energy and learn to trust their instincts and conquer their fears. My son and I both agreed: The best part is definitely the zip wire at the end.

I should also mention that you can have your child’s birthday party here, which I think is a fantastic alternative to the usual indoor party affair. Find out more here: Go Ape Birthday Parties


Tree Top Junior

£18.00 per person, regardless of age

Tree Top 10+

£33.00 per person (16 and above)

£25.00 per person (10-15)

There are 31 locations all over the UK, to find yours and book simply visit Go Ape Tree Top Adventures where you can also see videos and loads more information about Go Ape.

So, have you been? Were you braver than me? I’m guessing so! Are you planning on visiting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

If you are looking for outdoor adventures in and around Worthing, please also take a look at our collection of free or nearly free stuff to do around Worthing.

*We were invited to come and try it out in return for a review. Our observations and opinions are always completely honest and the information is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of this post.




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