If you’re a parent, or an auntie, uncle or cousin, then you’ll undoubtedly have come across the terror that is headlice and nits. Who can remember having their head coated in foul-smelling chemical lotions and sleeping on a towel overnight, only to have your hair pulled through a nasty nit comb in the morning? What if there was an easier way?

My Itchy Kiditchy kid review worthing mums is the answer! It’s a range of headlice and nit products that can be used for prevention and treatment, and the best part is that they don’t contain any parabens, sulphates or artificial colours, preservatives or surfactants. Instead, the key ingredient is a natural product called neem, which acts as an insecticide. Neem comes from a tree from the Indian subcontinent and has been used for thousands of years to relieve itching, soothe eczema and psoriasis, heal wounds and see off parasites.

In fact, it’s the properties of neem that led to the creation of My Itchy Kid. The company’s founder is Kate Bendix and she was looking for something that could ease the hassle of recurring headlice for her two goddaughters. Kate had already seen success in using natural products to repel parasites in dogs through My Itchy Dog, and thought that it couldn’t be a big stretch to transfer her concept to humans!

The process is simple:

– If your child has nits or headlice, just one application of the shampoo left on for 10 minutes is enough to kill off anything in the hair and reduce itchiness. Follow up with the conditioner, and then use the defence spray on a daily basis. The spray contains the same natural ingredients as the shampoo and conditioner and can be sprayed directly on to the hair or on a hairbrush to brush through. It’s also safe to spray onto pillows and car seats or inside hats.

– For prevention, use the shampoo and conditioner once a week, as you would do with your normal products (no need to leave on). You combine this with using the defence spray daily to really keep the blighters at bay.

The Verdict

So far, whenever my two children get headlice or nits my preference has been for the chemical option but choosing the one with the shortest action time. I don’t like the thought of my two-year-old sitting with chemicals in her hair for a long period time.

I was really pleased to be asked to try out My Itchy Kid, primarily because of the natural make up of the products. Now, I have no worries about doing the 10-minute treatment step because I know there’s nothing nasty in there, and it means I can ‘blast’ them on occasions (such as going back to school after holidays). The shampoo and conditioner are no different from what I would use on them normally, and the packaging is discreet enough that it can be on show in the bathroom and visitors would be none the wiser!

The products do have a fairly strong smell to them but it’s not unpleasant, and it becomes reassuring when you can smell it because you know your children are protected! The preventer spray has the same smell, but I found that only one spray was needed if you hold it about 10cm away from the head.

The Itchy Kid products were provided free for the purpose of this review. The findings and opinions are by Gemma who tested the products herself.

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itchy kid review worthing mums


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