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  • chicken noodle soup

    Very easy Chicken & Ginger Noodle Soup

    Noodles are my favourite food thing. EVER. EVER. Ask my poor mum, what was the only thing I would actually eat up until I reached puberty. Most of my friends will know because I…

    17th December 2015
  • kibbeh

    Claire’s Kind of Kibbeh Recipe

    Claire at joins us again today after recently interviewing Ingrid from Mothers Uncovered SoulFood project about her food loves and preferences. Her brief stint on Masterchef, particularly the round in the professional kitchen, inspired…

    14th December 2015
  • Parenting

    A toy-free Christmas?

    For day thirteen of our advent calendar we hear from Jo, a Worthing mum, who wants a more traditional Christmas this year, without the commercial clutter. What do you think? So it’s nearly Christmas…

    13th December 2015