GUEST POST: A Case For Collaboration Over Competition

In this Guest Post we hear from Cat, self-confessed introvert, about Wildfire Women, a weekend event happening in September aiming to bring women together, encourage, collaborate, build confidence and gain career clarity.

Wildfire Women

More connected than ever?

We live in a hyper-connected world. There are apps today that help solve problems you didn’t even know you had and enough social media networks to keep you busy all day.

But are we missing out on real, human relationships?

Collaboration over competition

We’ve been brought up with Darwinian ideas that only the fittest survive – it’s ‘each man (or WOman) for themselves!’.

But the truth is, even at a very basic level, the vast majority of businesses are part of a much bigger value network made up of various providers, manufacturers, logistics businesses, distributors, retailers as well as the customers themselves.

The ability to communicate, collaborate and connect with others is fundamental to any single business’ success.

So… why is it so easy to forget this?

Like with most of our problems in life, it all boils down to the f-word.


We fear we’ll give our secret sauce away.

We fear we’ll be screwed over.

We fear we’ll be outdone.

We fear we’ll be turned down.

What if we… put a pin in that fear?

Of course: fear is only here to protect us. And many of these fears we have are totally rational. Business can be ‘cut throat’… but if we throw the baby out with the bathwater, we throw out any possibility for magic.

The kind of magic that happens when two friends get together over coffee and the conversation turns to fantasy and grows bigger and bigger until one day, those same two friends are putting on an event that is bigger, far bigger than either of them could have even dreamt up alone.

What happens when we give collaboration a chance…

This is exactly what happened when I, self-confessed hardcore introvert and solopreneur, met with Thea Anderson – coach to bold souled wonder women from all around the world.

That chat over tea (for Thea) and coffee (for Cat) led to Wildfire Women, a weekend of talks, performances, interviews and above all – collaboration – taking place in Brighton this September.

Again, magic like this only manifests when two or more minds get together. Of course, all the speakers and performers as well as their audiences and attendees are what will really make this weekend something special.

That’s partly why we created a community, to let everyone involved connect in advance – because we know now how powerful these opportunities are – when we create some space for serendipity.

Regardless of whether you can make it to this event, my challenge for you is to make a list of three people you’re grateful for that have helped you get to where you are now.

Send them a note, an email, or mention them on social media. Just remind them of how grateful you are for their friendship and support.

For more information about Wildfire Women visit:

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